In competitive sector it may be very difficult to get listed in the top few results for competitive phrases.

SEO refers to search engine optimization is an online technique of marketing which means it optimizes its websites in order to receive higher ranking in organic listings of search engine related pages. That results in gathering more traffic to the website.

The main goal of search engine optimization is to acquire top results in search engine so that when users look for certain product they will first find it on your website and click through, this helps in gathering traffic to the website which subsequently increases the sales.

SEO also helps in brand awareness and makes it being recognized in the internet world. For every business it is necessary that the product is advertised properly and online advertising proves to be a help full tool. This will help in growth of their business and become recognized with the competitors and potential customer which will help in increasing sale and profit as we all know is the ultimate goal for every business men. Search engine optimization is a long term online marketing process that but has extremely beneficial results. Positive results have seen as a rapid result in number of companies, from every industry which are now concentrating a huge portion their marketing budget to fighting for the top position in search engine.

SEO rank checker can check the ranking of the websites up to 5 keywords. The display chart gives you the basic idea of your position of your keywords ranking and ranking against the competitors. You can also see your keyword ranking report weekly on Google and Bing. Let’s quickly take a look about the features. First, SEO rank checker daily provides ranking for your keywords as well as your competitor’s keywords. Second, this tool monitors your keyword and automatically sends an email alert for your keyword ranking changes. Third, this tool will send weekly report of ranking in PDF format. Fourth, this tool enables you to analyze website ranking trends over custom time period. 

SEO rank checker does not store the rank history automatically and this proves a biggest disadvantage to this tool. The biggest disadvantage of SEO is lack of control. You are subject to changes in the algorithm. This lack of visibility makes it difficult to make a definitive business case for SEO, although it is fairly obvious what a sought-after number one position on Google would do for most companies.